Blogs and buttercups

It was recommended that we keep a record of our experiences during the course and  subsequent forest school work, as a form of professional development and evidence of our learning, hence this blog.

I also thought it could be worthwhile sharing my experiences with anyone else out there who is thinking of training as a Forest School assistant or teacher. When I first dialled up ‘forest schools’ on Google I found fragments of information around the concept but nothing conclusive about how to get involved. In line with that experience, I figured adding a few more forest school sign posts for the search engine crawlers wouldn’t hurt.

However, there is an irony to writing an online record on the subject of Forest Schools; I learnt today from a fellow student that the very vocabaulary which I might use to describe my experiences is systematically being removed from the Enlgish language. Earlier this year Alison Flood wrote in the Guardian how the Oxford Junior Dictionary is replacing words such as ‘buttercups’ and ‘conkers’ with ‘blog’ and ‘broadband’ .

And so I resolve to write a blog about buttercups and conkers – if you can’t beat them, join them. (Thank goodness for Wikipedia.)


For historic reference, pictured above are seagulls, cliffs and seaweed.
Image credit: Sussex Wildlife Trust, Seven Sisters Country Park.




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